Design 1

Cost-Effective & Efficient


SERVTECH is the cost-effective and efficient way we design kitchens, serving lines, and dining rooms.

We consider the operation and costs of labor in all of our initial layouts followed by the presentation of the food offered and the aesthetics. We desire to give our customers the most efficient operation in the best environment possible with special emphasis given to the food that will be served and the labor required to operate. In many of our jobs, we offer operational profit and loss statements based on the design.

With each foodservice design, we focus on fresh, quality food; functional, well-planned space; and a positive, satisfying experience. To achieve this goal, we highlight four key areas in our designs: WORK stations, PLAY elements, REST areas, and FUEL stations.

We keep our clients involved in the design process and offer quotes (not budgets) up front as well as 3D color renderings of how the design will look. This ensures our clients know exactly what we offer and what they will get in the end.

SERVTECH has a line and style to suit every foodservice need.