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Nimble Crews - Quick Remodels


With installation crews in multiple states, Denver Equipment Co. of Charlotte, Inc. is a nimble design/build foodservice provider.

If SERVTECH is the cost-effective and efficient way we design a kitchen and servery, then DEPCON is the UDS or utility distribution system that allows us versatility in building that design by extending the waste, water, and power connects from a single point down to the serving counters which can be arranged anywhere in a given facility without the traditional in-ground methods (cutting of floors, etc.).

DEPCON is available in various styles and can easily be adapted for lighting, sound, and video/digital signage. When a DEPCON system is completely installed, it not only serves as the utility distribution system or chaseway, but it adds color and light to the overall design.

SERVTECH and DEPCON remodel are complete turn-key installations that include design, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and all permitting.